Knowledge Center Error Messages

Lock Out

The encrypted password in the Rain Bird mobile app for this controller does not match the encrypted password in the LNK WiFi Module and the user attempted to connect with the wrong password more than 3 times.  This locks out the controller from being accessed remotely for 15 minutes.

Controller Mismatch

This error will be displayed if the LNK WiFi  Module has been moved from one controller model type (e.g. ESP-ME) to a different model type (e.g. ESP-TM2) and you are trying to communicate with the new controller type using the previous controller card (linked to prior model) in the mobile app. If you move the LNK […]

Manual Time Out Error

The app tried to connect to the Rain Bird WiFi controller, but the controller did not respond in the expected time. The controller may not have responded because of any of the following reasons: The Rain Bird WiFi controller does not have power. The Rain Bird WiFi controller does not have access to the Wireless […]

Controller is Busy

If you receive this message when attempting to connect to the controller, this means another smart device is currently accessing the device.  Only one mobile device can connect remotely to the controller at a time.