Knowledge Center Programming

Can I stop my sprinklers from running through the app?

Yes. Here are the different ways: To stop automatic watering: Select the controller that is running from the main menu.  Press on the water drop icon in the bottom bar. Press stop. Different controller models may have the stop button in a different location. To stop manual program watering: After starting a program manual run, […]

How do I program my WiFi controller with the Rain Bird App?

After completing the setup process in the Rain Bird app with a WiFi controller a “Controller Card” will appear in the app. You will need to “tap” on the controller card in order to access the controller. Tap the pencil icons on the respective programs or zones to edit your controller’s irrigation schedules. You can […]

Do I have to use the Rain Bird App to program my controller?

No.  You can always program the controller via the controller’s front panel. Refer to the programming instructions for each model provided in the documents section of the controller product page. The automatic seasonal adjustment feature is only available for programming from the Rain Bird App.

Why is my controller not watering the run times I set the zones for?

This issue is likely caused by the seasonal adjust setting. Double check the setting in the App or at the controller. If the seasonal adjust is less than nominal, the run times will be shortened accordingly. Nominal is 100% for ESP-TM2, ESP-Me controllers, 0% for ST8, ESP-RZXe controllers. In the Rain Bird app you can […]

How does Automatic Seasonal Adjust work?

Turn on the “Automatic Seasonal Adjust” switch in the Rain Bird App to save as much as 30% of your scheduled watering per year. In the simplified monthly watering use chart above the dark blue section represents the actual watering needs for a landscape, and the light blue represents watering that happens if you run […]