Knowledge Center Security

Why does the Rain Bird app require location services be enabled?

Rain Bird does not collect a user’s personally identifiable information and Rain Bird does not sell any user data to third parties. Beginning with Android 9 in 2018 and iOS 13 in 2019, Apple and Google added new privacy features that are intended to prevent apps from abusing your mobile device’s WiFi connection and location. […]

How do I change my controller password?

Note: This article is for changing your controller password when you still know the current controller password. If you do not have the controller password go to the forgotten controller password article here: Follow these instructions in order to change a controller password. Note that this requires physical access to the controller. Press the button […]

Password Lock Out

A Rain Bird WiFi controller will lock out users from certain password protected areas if the user attempts to connect with the wrong password more than 5 times.  This locks out these features for 20 minutes. Try again in 20 minutes or change the controller password. See article: I forgot my controller password. How do […]

What kind of data does Rain Bird WiFi collect?

Rain Bird WiFi does not collect personally identifiable information. This product does collect key pieces of information that will allow it to function correctly: Event logs are stored so firmware updates can be completed. Postal code information is stored per controller for use in weather monitoring and the water-saving automatic seasonal adjustment feature. Internet connection […]

I forgot my controller password. How do I reset it?

Rain Bird WiFi Controller passwords are not kept anywhere except locally in the controller for the best level of security, so they are not recoverable when lost. In order to reset the password the controller must be set up again. This requires that any custom zone or program names and images are reset as well. […]