My 2018 Samsung or Android based phone will not let me connect to the Rain Bird WiFi hotspot during setup? How do I fix this?

Temporarily turn off the smart networking feature on your phone, or simply turn Airplane Mode on, then turn WiFi on (while Airplane Mode is still active) Reconnect to the Rain Bird WiFi network (RAINBIRDXXXXX) and follow the on-screen setup instructions as normal. Some 2018 phones using Android operating systems (typically version 7.X) have introduced ‘smart networking’ […]

How many zones can I connect to and maintain using the mobile application for Android / Apple?

The Rain Bird mobile app is capable of managing and monitoring all available zones that are programmed into your existing controller. ST8-WIFI – maximum of 8 zones availableESP-TM2 – maximum of 12 zones availableESP-Me and ESP-ME3 – maximum of 22 zones availableESP-RZXe (international only) – maximum of 8 zones available All controller zone count availability […]

During the provisioning process, after entering my WiFi name and password, I received a communication error, and I can’t complete setup. The WiFi module is blinking green indicating it is connected to WiFi. What is happening?

The App is designed to check that your WiFi module is successfully connected to your selected WiFi network by connecting your phone to the same network.  It is possible that your phone automatically reconnected to a different WiFi network than what you set up your WiFi module.  Try the following: When receiving a ‘setup unsuccessful’ message, […]

What is HotSpot Mode?

Hotspot Mode is a simple remote access mode to your controller with the Rain Bird mobile app. To use this product in Hotspot Mode without programming the LNK WiFi Module to a local WiFi network, complete the following steps:

Countries Supported in the Rain Bird App for Use With the LNK WiFi Module

As of Oct. 2019, the LNK WiFi Module is supported in the following countries. If the LNK WiFi Module and Rain Bird App is installed in a country not on this list, then weather data, Automatic Seasonal Adjustment, and other features may not be available. Additional countries will be available in the future.