Knowledge Center Wifi Connection

Why won’t my Rain Bird controller stay connected to my WiFi network?

This is most likely due to the controller being on the far range of the WiFi signal broadcasted by your home’s WiFi router. This can be improved by moving the router closer to the controller or using a WiFi range extender. The best way to check the router signal strength at the controller is to […]

Can I use a guest (unsecured) WiFi network to operate this product?

You are able to use any of the WiFi network connections, guest or otherwise, so long as they are Internet connected and are 2.4 GHz WiFi networks. Rain Bird WiFi will not connect to 5 GHz WiFi networks. Note: Public guest networks that require the acceptance of policy and terms will not work due to […]

If I do not have a 2.4 GHz network available, what do I do?

The industry standard for the majority of WiFi router manufacturers maintain the capability to connect to a 2.4 GHz network directly upon powering up the router. If the router has both 2.4 and 5 GHz capability, then this will be viewable for the majority of routers in the WiFi network (SSID) name. The suffix of […]

Does my WiFi controller need to be set up again if I lose WiFi and/or power?

No, a Rain Bird WiFi controller should reconnect to the local WiFi connection after losing then regaining power or WiFi service. An optional notification informs the owner when a connection is restored. If re-connection is not occurring, it is possible that the LNK is getting a weak WiFi signal. If this is suspected, check the […]

During the provisioning process, after entering my WiFi name and password, I received a communication error, and I can’t complete setup. The WiFi module is blinking green indicating it is connected to WiFi. What is happening?

The App is designed to check that your WiFi module is successfully connected to your selected WiFi network by connecting your phone to the same network.  It is possible that your phone automatically reconnected to a different WiFi network than what you set up your WiFi module.  Try the following: When receiving a ‘setup unsuccessful’ message, […]