Use Only What You Need

Enable or disable zones with the press of a button. Temporarily turn off zones for seasons, leaks, or construction.

Tired of remembering what part of the yard the blue wire goes to? Name zones to clearly identify the watering areas.

Need help identifying the zones? Use the “Water Now” feature inside the app to turn on zones one by one, and then simply rename them.

Customize Every Zone

Every patch of grass and plant in your yard lives in different micro climates and needs different amounts of water on different days.

Create custom watering schedules to keep your plants healthy and lower your water bill.

Customize each zone’s:

  • Frequency – Water on Odd, Even, Custom, or Cyclic days
  • Start Times – Up to 6 per zone
  • Run Time – Adjustable watering duration

Automatic Seasonal Adjust

Watering the same amount each day as the weather changes doesn’t make sense, but who wants to change the watering times every day? We do!

By simply turning on Automatic Seasonal Adjust*, the controller’s daily watering schedule will change based on the season as well as your local weather, temperature, and humidity.

  • Save time, water and money.
  • Keep your plants healthy.

*Example: If your Run Time (watering duration) is set for 10 minutes, a seasonal adjustment of -60% will change the run time to 4 minutes. This data is pulled for your specific zip code and calculated every night. 

Stay In Touch

Enable notifications in the Rain Bird app and we’ll make sure you know what’s happening in your yard, even when you’re away from home. Know when any of these events occur:

  • Someone has enabled a watering delay
  • Automatic Seasonal Adjust has been applied
  • The date or time on your controller is incorrect
  • The controller disconnects from your WiFi network
  • There might be a freeze in the area

Share Access

It’s easy to share access to your controller with other family members and landscape professionals, without having to give them the password.

Click on the email icon below the picture of the controller, and send a file they can import directly into the Rain Bird app.

  • Easy to share with anyone who has a compatible mobile device
  • No limit on the number of shares, and no extra charges
  • Easy to change access to users – just reset the password

Watering Delay

Rain Bird WiFi-enabled controllers support an optional rain sensor that turns off during local weather events.

But even without a rain sensor, you can suspend your watering schedule using the app as often as you like.

  • Turn off watering for up to 14 days
  • Allows for rain shutoff remotely

Tech Specs

Indoor Model
Outdoor Model
Zone Count
Up to 8 Zones
120 VAC ± 10%, 60Hz
24 VAC 650mA
Time/Date Back Up
2 x AAA batteries
Schedule Back Up
Stored in nonvolatile memory
Zone Watering Length
0 to 199 min
Start Times
Up to 6 times per zone
Mobile Device Compatibility
Apple iOS version 8 or greater, Android devices 4.4 (KitKat) or later.
Wireless Networks Supported
2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n channels