Knowledge Center Backup & Sharing Access

Changes to Controller Sharing in iOS 13

For iOS 13, Apple has made a number of changes to their Share Sheet features on iPhone and iPad.  The Rain Bird mobile app utilizes the Share Sheet when sharing controllers between mobile devices.  Follow these steps to add a shared controller to your Rain Bird application:

Rain Bird Controller Share Access Invite Issues

When someone taps on the email icon on their Rain Bird controller they are able to send an email invite to another mobile device user that downloads the Rain Bird app. If your mobile device will not allow you to select the Rain Bird application while opening the .rbcf file in your emailed invitation, please […]

Share Invitation Email does not Send .rbcf Invitation File

If you are having problems with your email sending the Rain Bird invitation file type, please try adjusting your email client file restriction settings, or try using the standard Apple or Android email. Android Instructions: Navigate to “Lock screen and security” in the Settings menu.  Enable “Unknown Sources”.

One App Connection per Controller at a Time

In order to avoid programming conflicts, only one connection is permitted at a time per Rain Bird WiFi Controller. Once a user exits the app, it may take a minute before another user can access it.  If you exit the controller by selecting the back button from the controller main menu, another user can log into […]

Sharing Controller Access with Another User

In order for another user to have access to your controller, you need to send them an email invite. Make sure your email client is set up on your mobile device and then press on the email icon on the main screen controller card. Enter your controller password. It is required to share access with […]

Power Outage and Controller Scheduling

Rain Bird controllers contain a non-volatile memory inside the controller that keeps the watering schedule even without power. Once the power comes on the controller will resume scheduled watering as before. There is also a battery backup to keep the controller time for a couple of days. After a couple of days the controller shuts […]

Backing up the Rain Bird App to Keep Connected WiFi Controllers

You can back up your Rain Bird app, controllers, and settings to Apple  iCloud and Google Cloud. iOS:  Settings-> Select Apple ID -> iCloud -> iCloud Backup (On) Android:  Settings -> Backups (name may vary on different devices) -> Backup (On) (or) Drive (Google Drive App) -> Backups -> <Select device from list> -> Gear/Settings Icon […]

Contractors Setting up WiFi Controllers to Manage for their Customers

If you are an irrigation contractor you have two options to set up your customer’s LNK WiFi Modules on your device: On your company phone or tablet, you can provision the LNK WiFi Module directly to your customer’s WiFi network using your device, then provide an invitation to your customer to connect to the LNK […]