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Understanding Cycle+Soak and your Rain Bird Smart WiFi Controller

When sprinklers come on, they can apply water to your landscape at a high rate. Depending on the landscape, the soil may not be capable of absorbing the water as quickly as the sprinklers are applying it.  In cases where there are sloped areas or compacted soils like clay, you may notice water pooling in […]

Winterizing an Irrigation Controller

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to sprinklers, winterization of your irrigation system is a critical step in maintaining its peak performance. If your Rain Bird timer is installed in an indoor location (such as a garage or shed), or if it’s mounted on the exterior of your home, the process is the same, […]

Rain Bird WiFi Controllers and Utility Rebates

Rain Bird WiFi controllers are EPA Water Sense Certified when used with a rain sensor and the Automatic Seasonal Adjust feature in the Rain Bird App. This could mean that your Rain Bird controller is eligible for a rebate from a local utility. The best way to find this out is to go to your […]