Knowledge Center Error Messages

Error: New Update Detected

If you get the “New Update Detected” message shown below, the LNK™ WiFi Module needs to be updated to work with the ESP-ME3 controller. Follow the steps below to complete this update.

Error: Lock Out

The controller password has been entered wrong more than 5 times.  This locks out access to controller settings and controller sharing for 20 minutes. If the password is forgotten please review this article:

Communication Error: Different model of controller

This error will be displayed if the LNK WiFi Module has been moved from one controller model type (e.g. ESP-ME) to a different model type (e.g. ESP-TM2) and you are trying to communicate with the new controller type using the previous controller card (linked to prior model) in the mobile app. If you move the LNK […]

Communication Error: No response

The app tried to connect to the Rain Bird WiFi controller, but the controller did not respond in the expected time. The controller may not have responded because of any of the following reasons: The Rain Bird WiFi controller does not have power. The Rain Bird WiFi controller does not have access to the Wireless […]

Communication Error: Active connection

If you receive this message when attempting to connect to the controller, this means another smart device is currently accessing the device, it is already busy. Only one mobile device can connect to a controller at a time.

LNK WiFi Module LED Light Sequence Meanings

The LNK WiFi Module is located inside the controller wiring bay and has a number of different light patterns. The lights can be interpreted with the key below. Sequence: Solid Red followed by three rapid Green flashesMeaning: WiFi Module is booting up and has successfully connected with the Rain Bird controller connected with the Rain […]