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Internet Service Provider Change

If you change your Internet Service Provider (ISP), you should not see a change in your ability to manage your Rain Bird WiFi controller from within or from outside of your home WiFi network, as long as your router settings have not changed**. If your router has changed along with the ISP and there is […]

Using a Mobile Device as a Hotspot to Connect a WiFi Controller

Most phone WiFi hotspot features can be used as the local WiFi signal to connect your WiFi controller to the internet.  Note that if you use your phone as your WiFi router, you will not be able to access your controller remotely, and your carrier’s normal data charges will apply.

WiFi Controller Connection When Internet is Not Working

The Rain Bird App does not require an internet connection to talk to the controller if the controller and mobile device are on the same local WiFi network.┬áThis means the mobile device is outside of the range of the local WiFi network, then they will not connect. Also, there are features that will not work […]