Knowledge Center Rain Bird App Settings

Change Temperature and Water Measurement Imperial to Metric

You can change the forecast temperature in the Rain Bird App from Fahrenheit to Celsius or from Gallons to Liters or Meters Cubed. Press on the settings icon in the top left corner of the app: Then slide the selector bar to the desired temperature and water management settings. Finish by pressing the Back button […]

Flow Notifications

The ESP-ME3 controller uses flow-sensing technology to provide notifications to property owners when there is a system leak or water shortage. To turn on notifications in the Rain Bird App, go to the controller settings and turn on the notifications for High Flow Alarm and Low Flow Alarm. Once notifications are turned on, and a […]

Rain Bird App Languages

The following languages are supported in the Rain Bird App: Arabic Bulgarian Chinese Czech Dutch English French German Italian Polish Portuguese Russian Spanish Turkish These languages show up in the Rain Bird app based on the language selected in the phone settings, they are not a selection option within the app itself.