Rain Bird Underground Irrigation System Controllers and Daylight-Saving Time

Spring forward, fall back. Since the early 1900s, this expression has acted as a mnemonic device in the United States for remembering to turn one’s clocks one hour ahead in the spring for daylight-saving time, and back one hour in the fall at its end. But what does this have to do with your underground […]

The Rain Bird App and Enabled Locations Services

Rain Bird does not collect a user’s personally identifiable information and Rain Bird does not sell any user data to third parties. Beginning with Android 9 in 2018 and iOS 13 in 2019, Apple and Google added new privacy features that are intended to prevent apps from abusing your mobile device’s WiFi connection and location. […]

Rain Bird WiFi Controller Communication Methods

Rain Bird WiFi Controllers communicate in three different ways, as explained below. This is important to understand because the speed of the controller connection is affected by which method is being used. In general, the three as listed in order of fastest, to least quick in connecting. The three methods are also listed in closest, […]

Router Change: Updating the WiFi Name and Password for the Rain Bird Controller

These instructions work when changing the router, changing to a different internet connection, or changing from a WiFi router to a WiFi range extender. Using a WiFi range extender can improve the controller connection if the controller and WiFi router are far apart. Note: Rain Bird WiFi only supports 2.4 GHz WiFi networks. For additional […]

2.4 GHz vs. 5 GHz WiFi networks

Rain Bird WiFi controllers only connect to 2.4 GHz WiFi Networks. Rain Bird WiFi controllers are often installed outdoors, or other locations away from the indoor WiFi Router, so 2.4 GHz is the best WiFi network for this purpose. 2.4 GHz WiFi networks travel farther than 5 GHz. Though 2.4 GHz networks transmit data slower, […]

Stopping Sprinklers from the Rain Bird App

To stop automatic watering: 1. Select the controller that is running from the main menu.  2. Press on the water drop icon in the bottom bar. Some controller models may look different, but all models have the water drop icon. 3. Press stop at the bottom of the manual watering screen. Different controller models may […]

WiFi Network ID and Password Security

Your WiFi network credentials are securely stored with encryption on the Rain Bird WiFi Module, and cannot be accessed remotely through any servers.

Sprinkler Manual Watering

There are a few ways to turn on your sprinklers when they are not scheduled to run, called “manual” watering. 1. You can get to the manual water screen by selecting the “water drop” icon on the controller card in the Rain Bird App home screen, or by pressing the controller card and then pressing […]

Scheduling a Rain Bird WiFi Controller for Automatic Irrigation

After completing the setup process in the Rain Bird app with a WiFi controller a “Controller Card” will appear in the app. You will need to “tap” on the controller card in order to access the controller. Tap the pencil icons on the respective programs or zones to edit your controller’s irrigation schedules. You can […]

Max Zone Count per Controller

The Rain Bird mobile app is capable of managing and monitoring all available zones that are programmed into a Rain Bird WiFi controller. ST8-WIFI – Maximum of 8 zones. ESP-TM2 – Maximum of 4, 6, 8, or 12 zones. Whichever number of zones the controller comes with is the maximum number, there is no expansion […]