Samsung, Android Connection to Rain Bird Network Troubleshooting

If you are having trouble connecting a Samsung or Android based mobile device to the Rain Bird hotspot network during controller setup, try the following troubleshooting steps: 1. Make sure you keep the WiFi connection, even if the mobile device tells you internet is not available when connecting to the Rain Bird network. The connection […]

Max Zone Count per Controller

The Rain Bird mobile app is capable of managing and monitoring all available zones that are programmed into a Rain Bird WiFi controller. ST8-WIFI – Maximum of 8 zones. ESP-TM2 – Maximum of 4, 6, 8, or 12 zones. Whichever number of zones the controller comes with is the maximum number, there is no expansion […]

Setting Up WiFi Network Connection: WiFi Module Light Blinking Green But Not Connecting

During setup the Rain Bird app is designed to check that your WiFi module is successfully connected to your selected WiFi network by connecting your mobile device to the same network.  It is possible that your mobile device automatically reconnected to a different WiFi network than the Rain Bird controller. Try the following: When receiving a […]

Setup: Can’t see the Rain Bird WiFi signal

Make sure you are within range of the Rain Bird WiFi controller. It is best if you are able to stand next to it without anything in the way.   If you are standing next to the controller and still do not see the controller’s wireless network, ensure the WiFi Module’s light is blinking between […]

What is HotSpot Mode?

Hotspot Mode is a simple remote access mode to your controller with the Rain Bird mobile app. To use this product in Hotspot Mode without programming the LNK WiFi Module to a local WiFi network, complete the following steps:

Rain Bird WiFi Controller Countries Supported

As of Jan. 2021, the LNK WiFi Module that pairs with Rain Bird WiFi compatible controllers is supported in the following countries. If the LNK WiFi Module and Rain Bird App is installed in a country not on this list, then weather data, Automatic Seasonal Adjustment, and other features may not be available. Additional countries […]

Setup: WiFi network connection troubleshooting

If you are having issues connecting to your WiFi network during setup please try the following: Verify that you are connecting the controller to a 2.4 GHz network since 5 GHz is not supported Verify the network you are trying to connect to is not an unsupported satellite ISP or is commercially secure* Check the […]

Enabling Android Location Services

To connect to the Rain Bird LNK WiFi network during the setup process on a device running Android 9, the ‘Location’ permission must first be granted in the Rain Bird mobile app. Follow the link below for a step by step process. Please note, different makes and models of Android device may require slightly different […]