Rain Bird® RC2 Controller – Water Savings

With an EPA WaterSense Certification, the RC2 has proven its ability to save water. With an Automatic Seasonal Adjust and Predictive Rain Delay built into the controller, the RC2 delivers the right amount of water without losing a drop. You’ll learn how powerful and simple the Rain Bird RC2 makes saving water!

Delay Watering for Days

Manually turn off automatic irrigation for a few days when it rains even without a rain sensor. Rain Bird WiFi controllers have settings that allow you to manually stop scheduled irrigation for a fixed number of days. Slide the bar to the number of days you want to cancel automatic irrigation and press the “Save” […]

Rain Sensors and WiFi Controllers

Rain sensors are still recommended with Rain Bird WiFi controllers. Local rain sensors always provide more accurate local feedback to the controller as to the amount of rain on the site. All Rain Bird WiFi controllers have terminals for a rain sensor.   If a rain sensor is set to active through the Rain Bird App, […]

My WiFi Controller Watered After Rain, Even with a Rain Sensor

Your WiFi controller can make daily watering adjustments when Automatic Seasonal Adjust is on but it does not prevent scheduled watering events, and it may take more than 24 hours for the Automatic Seasonal Adjustment values to reflect actual rainfall. If you recognize there is heavy rainfall and would like to avoid all scheduled watering […]

How does Automatic Seasonal Adjust work?

Turn on the “Automatic Seasonal Adjust” switch in the Rain Bird App to save as much as 30% of your scheduled watering per year. In the simplified monthly watering use chart above the dark blue section represents the actual watering needs for a landscape, and the light blue represents watering that happens if you run […]