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Rain Sensors and WiFi Controllers

Rain sensors are still recommended with Rain Bird WiFi controllers. Local rain sensors always provide more accurate local feedback to the controller as to the amount of rain on the site. All Rain Bird WiFi controllers have terminals for a rain sensor.  

If a rain sensor is set to active through the Rain Bird App, and is the rain sensor is tripped by rain, it will turn off all scheduled watering until the rain sensor becomes dry again. This takes priority over any adjustments from the WiFi controller scheduled watering.

If you want to ignore any input by the rain sensor then the rain sensor should be changed to Bypass in the Rain Bird App or at the controller.

Look for the WR2-48 Rain Sensor for an automatic shut-off of scheduled watering for 48 hours after measured rain exceeds the set threshold. This guarantees enough dry time before resuming irrigation.

To install a rain sensor remove the yellow jumper wire from the terminals marked “SENS”.  Connect both rain sensor wires to the rain sensor terminals per the rain sensor installation instructions.

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