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Flow Notifications

The ESP-ME3 controller uses flow-sensing technology to provide notifications to property owners when there is a system leak or water shortage.

To turn on notifications in the Rain Bird App, go to the controller settings and turn on the notifications for High Flow Alarm and Low Flow Alarm.

Once notifications are turned on, and a flow event is detected, then a notification will appear on the mobile device with the Rain Bird App.

Make sure to allow notifications for the Rain Bird App in the mobile device settings.

If you press on the flow alarm notification in the mobile device then the Rain Bird App will open and provide additional details about the notification including the name of the controller, the Zone number with the issue, and the date and time. If the notification does not list a zone number but says “a high flow alarm that occurred at Date, Time. Check for water leaks,” then the system detected water running when the controller was not scheduled to run, and there may be a main water line break.

The settings that trigger flow alarms can also be adjusted in the Rain Bird App Settings in the Flow Sensor Settings Section.

Even if the ESP-ME3 is not paired with the LNKā„¢ WiFi Module and the Rain Bird App, the ESP-ME3 controller gives flow notifications on the screen.

Scrolling across the screen will be the message: “HIGH FLOW ALARM STATION “X” PRESS ADVANCE TO CLEAR” or “LOW FLOW ALARM STATION “X” PRESS ADVANCE TO CLEAR” where “X” is the station number. This message will be accompanied by the red alarm light. Once the flow problem is resolved, the alarm message is cleared by pressing the right arrow “Advance” button while the message is scrolling on the screen.

For more information on setting up a flow sensor with the ESP-ME3 Controller refer to this video:

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