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Amazon Alexa: Change Rain Bird Controller Connection

Currently, you may have only one Rain Bird controller linked to your Amazon Alexa* account. To change the currently linked controller follow the following steps below.

Amazon Alexa integration is only available in the United States, Canada, India, Australia and the United Kingdom.


Log into the Alexa App and ‘disable’ the Rain Bird Skill.


Open the Rain Bird App and  select the controller your Alexa account is currently linked to.


Tap the settings icon in the bottom right corner and enter the controller password. (If you forgot the password you can refer to the controller password reset instructions.)


Press on Connected Home and unselect the Amazon Alexa switch.


In the Rain Bird App, select the new controller you would like to link your account to.


In Settings press on Connected Home, enter your Amazon email and turn on the Alexa switch.


Return to the Amazon Alexa App and re-enable the Rain Bird skill.

If these steps do not work please contact for additional support.

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