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Scheduling a Rain Bird WiFi Controller for Automatic Irrigation

After completing the setup process in the Rain Bird app with a WiFi controller a “Controller Card” will appear in the app.

You will need to “tap” on the controller card in order to access the controller.

Tap the pencil icons on the respective programs or zones to edit your controller’s irrigation schedules.

You can set the watering days, the start times, and the zone run times. Different controller models may look slightly different depending on if they have zone or program water scheduling.

To change a scheduled watering time, tap on the programmed time per zone and select the new time. Apps using iOS or Android may appear differently. This screen shot is from an iOS version.

Note: Zones with overlapping start times run in sequence, the controller does not turn them on at the same time.

To turn a zone or program “off”, or to keep it from running, you can change all the zone run times to 0 minutes. This allows you to keep the days of the week and start times in the schedule, but the zone or program will not run.

The following video may also be helpful when scheduling a program based controller:

This video also covers Rain Bird App programming:

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