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Rain Bird Underground Irrigation System Controllers and Daylight-Saving Time

Spring forward, fall back. Since the early 1900s, this expression has acted as a mnemonic device in the United States for remembering to turn one’s clocks one hour ahead in the spring for daylight-saving time, and back one hour in the fall at its end.

But what does this have to do with your underground irrigation system controller?

Daylight-saving time impacts not only your programmed watering start and stop times to ensure they are occurring at the ideal time of day, it may also mean changes to your local watering restrictions so that you water your lawn and landscape properly, free of fines.

For Rain Bird RC2 and ARC8 WiFi Smart Controllers:

When an RC2 or ARC8 WiFi Smart Controller is accessed through the Rain Bird App, the date and time stored in the controller is automatically adjusted based on your mobile device settings, like in the case of initial set-up or daylight-saving time. While manual date and time adjustments are possible in the Rain Bird App, the controller will automatically synchronize to the paired mobile device settings when accessed remotely.

For Rain Bird ESP-TM2, ESP-ME, ESP-ME3, ESP-RZXe, SST and ST8 Controllers:

Whether your Rain Bird ESP-TM2, ESP-ME, ESP-ME3, ESP-RZXe, SST or ST8 controller is connected to a local WiFi network or not, the date and time must be adjusted to account for daylight-saving time. This is most easily achieved by turning the dial to (or pressing) “Date/Time” directly on the controller interface and using the plus (+) or minus (−) buttons to adjust the time. For those Rain Bird Controllers with a LNK or LNK2 WiFi Module installed and connected to a WiFi network, the date and time can be adjusted in the Rain Bird App by navigating to Controller Settings > Controller Info, and manually changing the Controller Time and Date with the slider.

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