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Turning on/off Automatic Seasonal Adjust

Turning on Rain Bird WiFi Controller Automatic Seasonal Adjust, or weather adjusted watering times, can be done with a single switch.

Once turned on, the controller will upload a new watering percent adjustment within 24 hours.

The screen shown above is for a program based controller, like the ESP-ME3 or the ESP-TM2. These controllers allow you to turn on and off the Automatic Seasonal Adjust for each program on the Edit Schedule page. The ST8-WiFi controller turns on automatic seasonal adjust for all zones at the same time.

If Automatic Seasonal Adjust has been turned on and has a watering % adjustment, you can turn the switch off at any time. After you turn off Automatic Seasonal Adjust change the watering % adjustment slider back to the middle so that watering times are no longer affected.

For a program based controller the middle is 100%.

For the ST8-WiFi controller the middle is 0%.

For more information about Automatic Seasonal Adjust see this article:

If you are not using the Rain Bird App with your irrigation controller Seasonal Adjust is available on the controller panel for manual adjustment. The seasonal adjustment follows the same rules as mentioned above, but manual Seasonal Adjust will remain the same until it is returned to middle percentage.

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