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What happens if I leave the app open?

If a user leaves an app open, the App will disconnect from the controller after several minutes.  Reconnection can be established by selecting the controller from the primary screen.

How does the seasonal weather adjustment work?

The seasonal adjustment takes into account several factors when determining the daily seasonal adjustment value including: Historical weather trends The previous day’s forecasted weather versus actual weather (temperature, rainfall, wind) Tomorrow’s forecasted weather For seasonal adjustments to work effectively, set your programmed watering schedule should be set for the hottest month of the year. When temperatures, humidity, […]

How do I program my controller with the Rain Bird App?

Once the Rain Bird App is able to communicate with the LNK WiFi Module a “Controller Card” will appear in the application that resembles your controller. You will need to “tap” on the controller card in order to access the programming settings for the controller. Tap the pencil icons on the respective programs or zones […]

How do I activate my sprinklers manually?

There are two active methods that you can use to activate your sprinklers manually. 1. You can manually run a zone by selecting the “water drop” icon on the controller card present in the Rain Bird App home screen 2. You can manually run each program or zone by accessing the controller card and selecting […]

Can I stop an active watering cycle using the app?

Stop a manual program cycle: After initiating a manual program cycle from the Home screen, you can press the “Skip Next” button (appears green when program is active) under the Program that is running until all zones are skipped.  The “Skip Next” button then turns grey indicating that the watering cycle is stopped. Stop an […]