Knowledge Center Programming

Why does my controller still water even after turning it off?

If your controller is off and the water keeps running there is an issue with 1 or all the valves. When this happens it may be necessary to clean or replace a valve, or to call a contractor. For assistance in getting a contractor referral, please call: 1-800-RainBird.

Why is my controller not watering the run times I set the zones for?

Example: I set it for 10 minutes per station, and its watering 5 minutes per station instead. This could be due to the Seasonal Adjust setting. Double check the setting in the Rain Bird Mobile App or at the controller. If the seasonal adjust is set for -50% when the run time is 10 minutes, […]

What does Automatic Seasonal Adjust do?

Automatic Seasonal Adjust allows the Rain Bird server to keep track of local weather based upon the programmed ZIP/Postal Code. The Rain Bird server will calculate a daily Evapotranspiration (ET) rate for each ZIP code and translate to an appropriate seasonal adjust value. The seasonal adjust value is then sent to each timer in that […]

How do I program my controller with the Rain Bird mobile app?

Once the controller is added to the Rain Bird mobile app a “Controller Card” will appear on the mobile app home screen. Tap on the picture of the controller model within this card to access the controller. Tap the “pencil” icon within the controller’s existing program card(s) to edit existing irrigation programs. Tap the “+/- […]