Knowledge Center Security

What kind of data does this product send to Rain Bird?

This product does not collect personally identifiable information. This product does collect key pieces information that will allow it to function correctly: 1. Perform firmware updates on the device through event logs performed by the LNK WiFi Module. 2. Provide weather information to your controller by ZIP code for use in weather monitoring and the […]

I forgot my controller password. How do I change it?

Follow these steps to reset your controller password. 1. Press the button on LNK WiFi Module in the controller to activate AP Hotspot mode. 2. From your smart device, go to WiFi settings and connect to the Rain Bird network “RAINBIRDXXX”. Wait for your device to establish a WiFi connection with the LNK WiFi Module. […]

What is the “Controller Password” and what is it used for?

This password can be changed at any time for the controller while connected in Hotspot mode. The Controller Password provides security for accessing the controller from the Rain Bird App. The security extends out to the controller on your personal device or if you have shared controller timer to any other user, such as your landscaper or irrigation […]

Where is my WiFi network information stored?

Your personal WiFi credentials are only stored within the Rain Bird LNK WiFi Module so that it can connect to your network. The credentials in the Rain Bird app are masked with “***” for your security. These are “read-only”. If you attempt to backspace a character on the WiFi password, the entire masked password is […]