Knowledge Center Set-up Questions

What can I do if I can’t see the LNK’s WiFi signal during setup?

First, ensure you are well within range of the controller itself.  If you are standing next to the controller and still do not see the controller’s wireless network, ensure the WiFi Module’s status indicator is alternating between Red and Green.  If it is not, briefly press the button on the WiFi Module.  Once the WiFi […]

During the provisioning process, after entering my WiFi SSID and password, I received a Communication Error, and I cannot complete setup. The LNK is blinking green indicating it is connected to WiFi. What is happening?

The App is designed to check that your LNK WiFi Module is successfully connected to your selected WiFi network by connecting your phone to the same network.  It is possible that your phone automatically reconnected to a different WiFi network than what you set up your LNK WiFi Module.  Try the following: When receiving an ‘setup […]

Does the LNK WiFi module need to be set up again if I lose WiFi and/or power?

No, the LNK WiFi Module should reconnect to the local WiFi connection after losing, then regaining power or losing, then regaining WiFi service. A optional notification informs the owner when a connection is restored. If reconnection is not occurring, it is possible that the LNK is getting a weak WiFi signal. If this is suspected, […]

How do I set up my new LNK WiFi Module product and mobile app?

Insert LNK WiFi Module into the Accessory Port on compatible controller models. Verify LNK WiFi Module is alternating blinking red and green. If it is not, press the button on the WiFi module for 1 second. Launch the Rain Bird app and press the Add Controller button. Follow app prompts to set up WiFi connection […]