Knowledge Center WiFi Connection

Why can’t I access or find my controller through the Cloud?

This can be caused by several factors: The controller is not connected to an Internet connection properly within your home WiFi network The controller is unable to establish a connection with the Rain Bird  server Your mobile device’s controller password does not match the controller (password reset required).

My router is very close to my irrigation controller (10 to 50 feet away) but I am still losing my connection (RSSI value reported as -70’s, -80s). Why is this happening?

Obstacles between the controller and the wifi router or booster can significantly degrade wifi signals, especially when installed outside the home. Things a WiFi signal will not pass through well include: cinderblock walls, sheet metal walls, cars, brick, etc. In these cases, it is recommended to use a wifi booster between the wifi router and […]

Why won’t the LNK WiFi Module stay connected to my WiFi network?

This is most likely due to the controller being on the far range of the WiFi signal broadcasted by your home’s WiFi router.  The best way to check this is to open the Rain Bird mobile app when it is connected and select the controller from the list of available controllers. Once you are inside […]