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The Rain Bird App and Enabled Locations Services

Rain Bird does not collect a user’s personally identifiable information and Rain Bird does not sell any user data to third parties.

Beginning with Android 9 in 2018 and iOS 13 in 2019, Apple and Google added new privacy features that are intended to prevent apps from abusing your mobile device’s WiFi connection and location. These changes require Location Services be enabled for the Rain Bird mobile app to function correctly.

During set up, the user is given the option to select from local WiFi networks to connect their Rain Bird WiFi controller. Android and iOS require location access for these networks to be viewable by a mobile application.

The Rain Bird app also uses this WiFi information when connecting to the controller to determine which communication mode should be used. Here are the three ways a Rain Bird WiFi controller communicates:

This article has step by step instructions on enabling location services in Android:

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