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My WiFi Controller Watered After Rain, Even with a Rain Sensor

Your WiFi controller can make daily watering adjustments when Automatic Seasonal Adjust is on but it does not prevent scheduled watering events, and it may take more than 24 hours for the Automatic Seasonal Adjustment values to reflect actual rainfall.

If you recognize there is heavy rainfall and would like to avoid all scheduled watering you can turn on Delay Watering in the app for up to 14 days.

If your rain sensor does not prevent irrigation after a heavy rainfall, it could be that:

(1) Your rain sensor may be in an area where it is not exposed to the rain

(2) Your rain sensor is set to ‘Bypass’. You can change this to active in the controller settings or in the Rain Sensor tab depending on the controller model.

For ST8, RZXe models

(3) Your (wireless) rain sensor needs battery replacement or has malfunctioned.

For more information on Automatic Seasonal Adjust please see this article:

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