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ESP-ME3 Troubleshooting

If a High Flow condition is detected, a “High Flow Alarm” is shown at the display and the red alarm LED comes on. To clear the alarm press the “Hold to Start” right arrow button during the alarm message. Initial Troubleshooting Minimum Flow Maximum Recommended Flow Maximum Flow 3 GPM 25 GPM 35 GPM 11.35 […]

Forgotten Controller Passwords

A controller password is needed to change settings or share access. However, Rain Bird WiFi Controller passwords are not stored anywhere except locally in the controller for the best level of security, and are therefore not recoverable when lost. When a controller password is misplaced, it must be reset using one of the two methods […]

Techniques to Troubleshoot Your Rain Bird RC2 or ARC8 WiFi Smart Controller

Rain Bird controllers are designed and manufactured with the highest quality components and processes for trouble-free operation. However, sometimes issues do arise. The following was developed to guide you through the most common issues so that your Rain Bird RC2 or ARC8 WiFi Smart Controller returns to its expected performance level. Connection issues between mobile […]

ST8 Not Running, Stop/OFF icon on the screen

If the ST8-WiFi or ST8-2.0 WiFi irrigation controller is not running with the stop/OFF on the screen, it could be for two different reasons: It is in “OFF” status at the controller. Press the “Auto” button to resume automatically scheduled irrigation. It is in Rain Delay mode. This mode will have a number on the […]

Problems with Rain Bird Controller Email Invites – iOS

For instructions on how to share access with others please click on this article: If there is an issue with opening a Rain Bird controller invite .rbcf file, please click on this article: If using the Outlook email app there are additional steps that need to be taken to open the Rain Bird email invite […]

Communication Error 077

This error is a server communication message. If you receive this error message while connecting to a Rain Bird controller please update your Rain Bird App to 2.14.1 or later. If you still have the issue after updating the Rain Bird app please contact Rain Bird Customer Service at 1-800-Rain-Bird or email the address presented […]