Knowledge Center Password

Forgotten Controller Passwords

A controller password is needed to change settings or share access. However, Rain Bird WiFi Controller passwords are not stored anywhere except locally in the controller for the best level of security, and are therefore not recoverable when lost. When a controller password is misplaced, it must be reset using one of the two methods […]

Changing the Controller Password

Note: This article is for changing your controller password when you still know the current controller password. If you do not have the controller password go to the forgotten controller password article here: Follow these instructions in order to change a controller password:

Password Lock Out

A Rain Bird WiFi controller will lock out users from certain password protected areas if the user attempts to connect with the wrong password more than 5 times.  This locks out these features for 20 minutes. Try again in 20 minutes or change the controller password. See article: Forgotten Controller Passwords