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Forgotten Controller Passwords

The controller password is needed to change settings or share access.

Rain Bird WiFi Controller passwords are not kept anywhere except locally in the controller for the best level of security, so they are not recoverable when lost, they must be reset.

You can reset the controller password while connected to the Rain Bird WiFi controller in AP hotspot mode.

Follow these steps to reset your controller password (you must be physically at the location of the controller):


Press the button on the LNK WiFi Module in the controller for 1 second. The light should change from blinking green to blinking green and red.


On your mobile device, go to WiFi settings and connect to the Rain Bird network “RAINBIRDXXXXXX”. Wait for your device to establish a WiFi connection with the Rain Bird WiFi Controller.

If the mobile device asks if you want to stay connected to the Rain Bird network even thought it does not have internet you say “yes”. After updating the controller password you can re-connect to your regular WiFi network with internet.


Open the Rain Bird App and press on the controller picture to connect to the controller.


Open the controller settings by pressing on the 3 gear icon in the bottom right of the app.

If you you are asked for the controller password at this step, it means you are not connected to the controller in hotspot mode. Please go back and repeat steps 1-3, or wait a little longer for the mobile device to connect to the Rain Bird network.


Press on “Controller Info” down arrow and enter a new password. The controller password is restricted to letters and numbers, 4-8 digits in length. No special characters.

Don’t forget to press “Done” at the top right once the password is entered.


Change your mobile device WiFi network back to the standard network with internet.

For more information on Hotspot mode see this article:

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For more information on why the controller has a password refer to this article:

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