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Rain Bird® RC2 Controller – Guest Mode

A contractor will inevitably arrive to make a change, perform maintenance, or do an inspection – only to find out they don’t have controller access. Guest mode provides temporary access to a contractor to finish what they came to do. See how this feature can help when you need it!

Rain Bird® RC2 Controller – Water Savings

With an EPA WaterSense Certification, the RC2 has proven its ability to save water. With an Automatic Seasonal Adjust and Predictive Rain Delay built into the controller, the RC2 delivers the right amount of water without losing a drop. You’ll learn how powerful and simple the Rain Bird RC2 makes saving water!

Rain Bird® RC2 Controller – No WiFi, No Problem

Only some job sites have WiFi It could be a new construction site, or the homeowner isn’t around to provide a password. That won’t stop a Rain Bird professional with the RC2 Controller. Built into each RC2 is a wireless access point that allows you to connect and set up a controller without losing time. […]

Rain Bird® RC2 Controller – Schedule Templates

Contractors regularly use similar schedules by region or property type. With Schedule Templates, add preset programs to a controller in less than 90 seconds. Eliminating the need to set a day-by-day schedule for each controller manually saves you time and money.

Understanding Cycle+Soak and your Rain Bird Smart WiFi Controller

When sprinklers come on, they can apply water to your landscape at a high rate. Depending on the landscape, the soil may not be capable of absorbing the water as quickly as the sprinklers are applying it.  In cases where there are sloped areas or compacted soils like clay, you may notice water pooling in […]

Winterizing an Irrigation Controller

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to sprinklers, winterization of your irrigation system is a critical step in maintaining its peak performance. If your Rain Bird timer is installed in an indoor location (such as a garage or shed), or if it’s mounted on the exterior of your home, the process is the same, […]

Delay Watering for Days

Manually turn off automatic irrigation for a few days when it rains even without a rain sensor. Rain Bird WiFi controllers have settings that allow you to manually stop scheduled irrigation for a fixed number of days. Slide the bar to the number of days you want to cancel automatic irrigation and press the “Save” […]

Turning on/off Automatic Seasonal Adjust

Turning on Rain Bird WiFi Controller Automatic Seasonal Adjust, or weather adjusted watering times, can be done with a single switch. Once turned on, the controller will upload a new watering percent adjustment within 24 hours. The screen shown above is for a program based controller, like the ESP-ME3 or the ESP-TM2. These controllers allow […]

Google Home/Assistant setup

This guide walks you through how to use your Rain Bird WiFi-enabled controller with the Google Assistant*. To enable, you’ll need to ensure you have: Rain Bird WiFi-ready controller with the LNK WiFi Module installed An Android or iOS smart device with the latest Rain Bird app installed For iOS: Download the Google Assistant app […]