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Error: New Update Detected

If you get the “New Update Detected” message shown below, the LNKā„¢ WiFi Module needs to be updated to work with the ESP-ME3 controller. Follow the steps below to complete this update.


Make sure you have the latest Rain Bird app version installed. This update works best with app version 2.10.1 or later.


Make sure the LNK WiFi module is connected to a WiFi network that has internet access. This update is not available through a hotspot connection to the LNK WiFi Module. The light on the LNK WiFi module should be blinking 1 green at a time.


Wait 5 – 10 minutes and tap on the controller image again in the app to see if the update is complete.

If you still get the update message after waiting for 10 minutes then unplug and plug back in the LNK WiFi module. Wait another 5-10 minutes.

If this second waiting period does not work then the WiFi signal may have issues downloading information from the internet. Note that the LNK WiFi module supports 2.4 GHz networks only, and public networks that require acceptance of terms and conditions or other authentication do not work.

If the WiFi signal is not very strong, as seen through a WiFi scanning app, try bringing the router and the controller closer together if possible to improve signal strength. If they are both in a fixed spot, then adding a 2.4 Ghz wireless range extender will help. Make sure you connect the LNK WiFi Module to the signal of the wireless range extender, and not the router.

You can also try connecting to a different 2.4 GHz wireless signal if available or verify the internet service provider is providing content and is not filtering downloads.

Once you have access to the controller through the WiFi app, you can confirm the LNK WiFi Module update is complete by going into the controller settings (3 gears icon at the bottom right in the app when on the Edit Controller page), then pressing the down arrow on the Network Info bar. The LNK WiFi Firmware Version should be listed as 1.30 or above to work with the ESP-ME3 controller.

Note: When a LNK WiFi Module has been updated it will continue to be compatible with the ESP-ME3 controller, even if it is moved from another controller. It only has to be updated once. This firmware update also happens to LNK WiFi Modules that are used in the ESP-Me and ESP-TM2 controllers.

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