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Sharing Controller Access with Another User

In order for another user to have access to your controller, you need to send them an email invite. Make sure your email client is set up on your mobile device and then press on the email icon on the main screen controller card.

Enter your controller password. It is required to share access with another user. This is a security feature to ensure someone with access to the controller can’t share that access with others without the controller password.

If you have forgotten your controller password please see the following article:

After you have entered your controller password you can select a length of time you would like to grant access to the controller. The options are 24 hours, 48 hours, or permanent. Temporary invitations expire from the time the invite was sent, not from the time the email was opened or the controller first accessed.

When the invitation time is selected the mobile device email client will be opened and there will be an email invitation ready to be sent. Please type in the email address of the invitation recipient and send the email.

The invitation recipient will need to open the email on their mobile device and follow the instructions included in the email, downloading and installing the Rain Bird App and tapping on the file included in the email.

Once the file is open they will need to select the Rain Bird app to open the file. This may look different on different mobile devices.

For information on opening the .rbcf invitation file in Apple iOS 13 or later look at this article:

For information about opening the .rbcf invitation file on Android devices look at this article:

Once they have selected the Rain Bird app to open the file, the Rain Bird app will open and ask if the user would like to import the controller. They should select Yes.

This will import the controller card and allow them access to the controller. As a reminder, if the shared user needs to access controller settings or share access with others, they will need the controller password.

Invitations and controller naming: An invitation sent with a custom controller name, program names and zone names will open with those same names. If the new user changes the names it does not change them for the app of the original invitation sender. If both users want the same controller name information they have to change them in both apps.

All invitations are single use. If an invitation has been been imported into the Rain Bird app on a mobile device then it is no longer valid, it can’t be reused.

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