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Rain Bird WiFi controller connection troubleshooting

If your Rain Bird WiFi controller is not able to stay connected to your home WiFi network it may be on the outside edge of the WiFi signal broadcast by your WiFi router. This can be improved by moving the router closer to the controller or using a WiFi range extender.

The best way to check the router signal strength at the controller is to take the following steps:


Check to see if your controller is currently connecting to the WiFi network by pressing on the picture of the controller in the Rain Bird App.

If it connects go to step 2. If it does not connect you can try again later or use one of the signal strength scanning apps listed below step 2.


Select the WiFi Signal strength tab or icon depending on the controller type.


If the signal strength indicator only has two bars and it says weak signal then this confirms poor signal strength. When the signal is poor there may be irregular connection.

There is also an RSSI number provided. (RSSI means Received Signal Strength Indicator). The below chart shows the range this number represents.

There are also other apps that can be used to scan the network signal strength at the controller location. The following documents explain how to use these apps:

For iOS Users:

Using Airport Utility to Scan WiFi Network Signal Strength

For Android Users:

Scanning WiFi Network Congestion on Android Phone


For additional information on the WiFi module setup and user manual see the article below:

Rain Bird LNK Wifi Module: Installation, Setup, and Connection

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