Knowledge Center Wifi Connection

Rain Bird® RC2 Controller – Hassle-Free Set-Up

Rain Bird puts the user top-of-mind to make set-up easy. Following a few simple prompts, you can unlock the power of the RC2 after it’s connected to a WiFi Network. This video will walk you through each step and show you how easy it is.

Rain Bird® RC2 Controller – No WiFi, No Problem

Only some job sites have WiFi It could be a new construction site, or the homeowner isn’t around to provide a password. That won’t stop a Rain Bird professional with the RC2 Controller. Built into each RC2 is a wireless access point that allows you to connect and set up a controller without losing time. […]

Rain Bird® RC2 Controller – Intro to RC2

The connected home is here, and homeowners have adopted everything from doorbells, thermostats, garage door openers, lighting, and security. With the Rain Bird RC2, homeowners and contractors can benefit from adding irrigation to a connected home. Watch this to learn what the RC2 is all about!

Techniques to Troubleshoot Your Rain Bird RC2 or ARC8 WiFi Smart Controller

Rain Bird controllers are designed and manufactured with the highest quality components and processes for trouble-free operation. However, sometimes issues do arise. The following was developed to guide you through the most common issues so that your Rain Bird RC2 or ARC8 WiFi Smart Controller returns to its expected performance level. Connection issues between mobile […]

Rain Bird WiFi Controller Connected at Home But Not When Away

Sometimes a Rain Bird WiFi controller has a successful WiFi connection where the light on the WiFi module is blinking green, and the user is able to connect to the controller with a mobile device when at home, but when they are outside the range of their home network they get the Communication Error “The […]

Rain Bird WiFi controller connection troubleshooting

If your Rain Bird WiFi controller is not able to stay connected to your home WiFi network it may be on the outside edge of the WiFi signal broadcast by your WiFi router. This is seen at the controller with a blinking red WiFi Module. This can be improved by moving the router closer to […]

Rain Bird WiFi Controller Communication Methods

Rain Bird WiFi Controllers communicate in three different ways, as explained below. This is important to understand because the speed of the controller connection is affected by which method is being used. In general, the three as listed in order of fastest, to least quick in connecting. The three methods are also listed in closest, […]

Using Guest (Unsecured) WiFi Networks

You are able to use any of the WiFi network connections, guest or otherwise, so long as they are Internet connected and are 2.4 GHz WiFi networks. Rain Bird WiFi will not connect to 5 GHz WiFi networks. Note: Public guest networks that require the acceptance of policy and terms will not work due to […]